Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Making of the Nightlife Guide: a Ka Leo behind the scenes

Brian Tseng / Ka Leo O Hawaii
The cover photo we used for Ka Leo's Nightlife Guide, November 18, 2011.

Ever wanted to see how we make the newspaper? Here's your chance. The talented cinematographer Shinichi Toyama follows the Ka Leo crew around as it prepares the Nightlife Guide. From planning and conceptualizing, to interviewing, photo shoots, designing and putting the pages together and all the way until the finished product comes out. Check it out.

Green Party of Hawai‘i secures ballot place through 2020

After 3 successful years of petitioning and signature gathering to appear on Hawai‘i's partisan election ballots, the Green Party of Hawai‘i is now legally mandated to appear on all partisan ballots through 2020 without the need for petitions.
After a Green Party member beat out a democratic incumbent and republican candidate on the island of Hawai‘i (the 'Big Island'), Green Party support has continued to increase on that island and the Party hopes this is a sign that their influence will continue to spread throughout the rest of the state.
For more information, check out starting tonight at midnight, Hawai‘i time to read our news report on this. Link will follow tomorrow.

- Will

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vignettes on the margins

Tomorrow's issue of Ka Leo will feature an article about Gail Tsukiyama, author of "A Hundred Flowers" and "The Street of a Thousand Blossoms," and the Celebrate Reading Festival, which she will be speaking at as well as reading from her works.
The artwork was originally created as an accompaniment for the article so, for the purposes of the blog and the Internets in general, I decided to turn it into a poster for the event, partially because I'm trying my hand more and more at design as well in an attempt to market my skills a little more strategically. Enjoy!

We have all seized the white perimeter as our own
and reached for a pen if only to show
we did not just laze in an armchair turning pages;
we pressed a thought into the wayside,
planted an impression along the verge.

- Billy Collins, Marginalia