Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Yes, that is the Dome of the Rock in the last panel, converted into the Thirty-Meter Telescope. If this incredibly sacred mosque in old Jerusalem, built in 691 AD on the Temple Mount site where the second Temple of Jerusalem once stood, were to be converted into the TMT, a lot of people would lose their shit. The name is derived from the site's significance to the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths: the rock it is built upon, known as the Foundation Stone, is sacred to all three religions. We hope that by drawing a giant telescope coming out of such a holy place, we remind people that Mauna Kea is just as sacred to Hawaiians. #MaunaKea #WeAreMaunaKea #TMTshutdown #TMT #aoleTMT #BulldozeYourOwnTemple

For there are indeed valleys low enough.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


All that you need to know about this comic is wonderfully encapsulated in Sam Laird's article on Mashable. Of course, if that doesn't do it for you, there is, literally, a metric shit-ton of news on this, largely from Europe and the Middle East because, well, America doesn't generally give a shit about soccer. At least not during the NBA finals.

By the way, you might notice that this comic was created not entirely just by me, which is mostly why it's a lot better than the first three. No really, having someone you respect in your field (comics, in this case) vet your work first will make it much better. When that someone is your Freshman year roommate who kicks ass at being hilarious, and actually takes fairly large segments out of his day to work on the script with you, the comic is going to be cash. Or at least, collectible Magic the Gathering cards. Which could be sold for cash.

Thanks so much to Vince Fitzgerald for whipping this comic into shape and helping me with several more in the works. For you, the reader, I hope this means more laughs and more insight into this crazy world of ours.

Reporting in Honolulu, but not necessarily paying all my attention to it, I'm Will Caron. Thanks for reading.

Watch less T.V.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Burnin' Down the House

Hopefully a fairly self-explanatory comic. We now have four heavy-weight political contenders for the office of Governor: incumbent Neil Abercrombie (D), James "Duke" Aiona (R), David Ige (D) and Mufi Hannemann, who just declared his official entry last week as the newly formed Hawaii Independent Party candidate.

But honestly, the capitol building could literally be burning down and these guys still wouldn't stop being politicians. I really don't know who the best choice would be among them. Abercrombie has proven that he doesn't keep his promises (a new day in Hawaii my ass); Aiona is supposedly a stand-up guy, but he's probably still too close to the Hawaii Republican Assembly view point when it comes to equality and helping the working class (which is to say he won't); Ige is fairly unknown, other than the fact that he's managed the state budget for awhile as head of the Senate Ways and Means committee; and Mufi (former Honolulu mayor) is, by many accounts, a vindictive bully, albeit an efficient one.

All I know is, none of these talking heads are really who I'd want to see as Governor, but at least the choices are better than they are in Idaho.

Not a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but not far from it.