Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Virtual Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, if you're all alone, there's a literal solution filled with virtual romance. Our writer Paige Takeya wrote about several of the best virtual dating sims - many of which work the romance aspect of the game (why you're playing it in the first place) into quests to save the world or combat monsters. The most interesting sounding to me, Catherine, features psychological segments in which the main character must climb up a perilous tower in his dreams - dreams that relate to the real world situation he finds himself in (navigating between a love triangle that features him, his longtime girlfriend Catherine and a mysterious one-night-stand named Katherine.  Anywho, even if the games don't sound fun to you, or you have a real date for V-Day already, the artwork is still pretty sweet (a mon avis). Enjoy!

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