Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disney buys Lucasfilm, Death Scars ensue

My cohorts; Josh Harmon and Vince Fitzgerald, and I had already created a timeless Star Wars comic with an excellent joke about Darth Vader's alleged skills with handling children and teenagers with patience and safety. Well, when we heard Disney had bought out Lucasfilm with intent to release an Episode 7 in 2015, we realized that our timeless joke, with a minor tweak, could also become a current event commentary with timely implications. Before I explain what is posted below, let me first clarify this project the three of us are working on. All three of us pitch ideas for comics and the ones we like get put above the ones we think suck. Josh and Vince are the refinement process where those good ideas are transformed into workable comic strips, with some help from me. Then, I start drawing, making sure to send them updates as I do this, so that if anything is wrong, we can catch it early on and not after I've slaved for hours on it. Then, we might make some tweaks in the dialog to better match the facial expressions that came out of my artwork, or throw in a Disney reference in the punchline at the last second to gain relevance. Then it's pretty much done.
Vince is also in charge of making us a website for these comics to live in. The site is moving along, but not faster than say, a Honolulu City maintenance project, and we're still talking about what our comic should be called. I personally am all for "Rocky Dennis Memorial Inner Beauty Pageant Comics" (or RDMIBPC, for short), but we also have several other possibilities like "Angry Itch Comics," "Three Amigos Comics," "Fancy Gentlemen's Tea Party Comics" etc.
For now, since website and name are still nebulous at best, I'm going to post the comics we make here for now, so they don't lose their timelessness, and once the site is up, we'll just stick the comics we finished before the site was ready into the site archives as though they were there all along haha.
So, without further ado, presented here is the first comic collaboration between the illustrious Josh Harmon, the Grand Goof Vince Fitzgerald, and myself, the humble clown with a stylus and a tablet, Will Caron: "Death Scars."  Featured first is the original, timeless version, and after that will be the version with the Lucasfilm referenced punchline. Enjoy.
And here is the Lucasfilm joke version:

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