Friday, June 15, 2012

Drawings: Business B-roll

More commissioned work for Twenty What magazine (the Obama vs Romney image was also for Twenty What). These images will be paired with career tips.


  1. Captions in descending order:

    Two White Business Men Shake Hands, Status Quo Maintained.

    "I just realized that this lunch meeting would make a great photo opportunity for some stock business b-roll!"

    Sally unsuccessfully thinks of an inoffensive acronym for the victims of the Jim Crow laws.

    The man with no neck acts out a fantasy, in which, as usual, he has a neck.

    The attention grabbing, neon "No tripping" sign ironically entraps yet another offender.

    "Not much activity on the 'Douchey Goatee Enthusiast' message board these days. Hang on... Last post: 1999!? Damn it!"

    Yeah... it was a big dump. But was it twitter worthy?

  2. And just like that, these are now hilarious. Thank you, Vince.