Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obama vs Romney - 2012

Before they were political rivals, locked in democratic combat over the most powerful position in the world (arguably), they were young men, and kung-fu rivals, locked in mortal combat over the fate of the universe!
Ok, not really.  I drew these "20-something" versions of President Obama and Governor Romney for my friend's graduate student publication on the mainland. I won't drop any names until the actual issue comes out, but they've got a story about the candidates when they were young, so this is my versions of the two of them as young men. 
The background won't be in the finished version as I believe the figures will be cut-outs that surround the story. Seemed like a good piece to post since we're drawing ever closer to November. Hopefully some other wonderful and hip publications will want to use this image too. Email me! :D

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