Monday, December 19, 2011

004. Winter Clothes

College is a time for trying new things, breaking down barriers and experiencing life from new points of view. I feel like it took me the first three years of my college career to realize this. Like everything in life, my situation is complicated (though undoubtedly less so than others').  Suffice to say that I spent the last year of college breaking down a lot of barriers that I had left up for way too long and I got to experience some incredible moments because of that.
This year is my last year in college. After that, it's real-world time. I intend to continue on my trend and make the last year the best one by far.  To that end I'm finally doing something that many college students consider essential to their experience: the college trip.
Though it's usually a spring break thing, when you're from Hawaii, spring break is pretty awesome here. So instead, it's a winter break/new years eve/birthday party/road trip week-and-a-half-long, hopefully mind-blowing extravaganza with a bunch of my college friends. 
One thing we realized though: none of us (the ones from Hawaii anyway) have any winter clothes, and seeing as how we're doing this on New Year's Eve, in the middle of the night and outdoors, we should probably purchase some.

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