Friday, December 23, 2011

005. Dear Leader, Part 1

I swear I have a good reason for having no comic up on Wednesday. I've been working on a short arc about the death of Kim Jong-il, and the succession of his son Kim Jung-un. The arc will follow a U.S. spy as he attempts to gather information on the new ruler of North Korea - things do not go as planned.
This should all be over and done with before school gets back, at which point I'll get back to making fun of Winter Wonderland and Campus Security, as well as sharing some stories from my San Diego/Los Angeles/Las Vegas trip.
Ah yes, and Special Thanks to Dan, for inventing the now-classic "Two Dolphins and a Blunt" pose. I'm not sure if Kim Jung-il likes Dolphins, or Blunts, but I feel like the pose accurately captures his former life-style.

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