Wednesday, December 7, 2011

John Boehner's Original Tea Party Recipe

This editorial cartoon was created last may and was entered into the Associated Collegiate Press' National College Media Competition in the cartooning category. The cartoon won first place
If you follow that link, you can see some interesting conversations being had on the UH system news site. Most of them accuse me of name calling, while calling me names, or say that they do not appreciate the way I critique what I see in the media. They must not realize that editorial cartoons fall under the opinions section of the newspaper and it is therefore my opinion that the republican strategy early this year was to try to damage president Obama's credibility and ratings by spreading rumors, escalating tensions, playing off of fear and ignorance and flat out lying. My opinion may be based on perception, but my perception is based on fact.
Still, nice to see my work generating discussion. That's what it's really here for. 

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