Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Zombies

Well it's Christmas time soon. As usual most places decorated for the occasion much too early for my tastes and a lot of the talk was focused on what to buy and where to by it from. 
I spent Black Friday in Seattle this year which meant I got to see how the mainland parties on their Day of Consumerism.  Maybe it's because Seattle is such a strange con-flux of really rich business heads and the upper middle class, together with the really poor and under privileged, but I got to see an Occupy Seattle rally next to a massive mob centered around the downtown shops like Nordstrom, which was being boycotted by a bunch of "Fur is murder" protesters, which was being serenaded by a couple of Hipsters playing the violin on the street corner next to a street Santa offering $2.00 pictures.  I had a good time.
One of our prolific writers for Ka Leo, Trevor Zakov, writes opinion pieces on a wide variety of topics, including consumerism, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to come up with some cool illustrations to accompany his stories (and other writers as well).  This piece was created for Zakov's article and ran along with it.  Zakov's original article can be read at, or found directly here

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